Songs by Vandals

A Gun For Christmas
An Idea For A Movie
Anarchy Burger
And Now We Dance
Appreciate My Honesty
Behind The Music
Cafe 405
Come Out Fighting
Count To Ten
Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies
Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairies
Disproportioned Head
Flowers Are Pretty
Happy Birthday
Hb Hotel
Hitler Bad Vandals Good
I Have A Date
I Wanna Be A Cowboy
Idea For A Movie
If The Government Could Read My Mind
Its A Fact
Ive Got An Ape Drape
Kick Me
Legend Of Pat Brown
Let The Bad Times Roll
Live Fast Diarrhea
Marry Me
Master Race
Mohawk Town
Moneys Not An Issue
Moving Up
My Brain Tells My Body
My Girlfriends Dead
My Special Moment
Oi To The World
Pat Brown
People That Are Going To Hell
Pirates Life
Pizza Tran
Power Mustache
So Long Farewell
Soccer Mom
Sorry Mom Amp Dad
Summer Lovin
Take It Back
The New You
The Unseen Tears Of The Albacore
Too Much Drama
Urban Struggle
Wanna Be Manor
What About Me
When I Say You I Mean Me
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