Songs by Wildhearts

Caffine Bomb
Cheers Live
Cold Patootie Tango
Dannys Dancin
Do The Channel Bop
Drinking About Life
Geordie In Wonderland
Geordie In Wonderland Intro
Greetings From Shitsville
Hate The World Day
Hit It On The Head
I Wanna Go Where The People Go
If Life Is Like A Lovebank
Just In Lust
Looking For The One
Nita Nitro
Revolution Will Be Televised
Rooting For The Bad Guy
Rooting For The Bad Guys Intro
Shut Your Fucking Mouth And Use Your Fucking Brain
Sick Of Drugs
Someone That Wont Let Me Go
Soul Searching On The Planet Earth
Soundog Babylon
Stormy In The North
The Sweetest Song
Top Of The World
Vanilla Radio
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