Songs by Rainbow

16th Century Greensleeves
A Light In The Black
All Night Long
Anybody There
Black Masquerade
Black Sheep Of The Family
Bunting Humans Insatiable
Bye Bye Baby
Cant Happen Here
Cant Let You Go
Catch The Rainbow
Cold Hearted Woman
Death Alley Driver
Desperate Hearts
Difficult To Cure
Do You Close Your Eyes
Eyes Of The World
Fire Dance
Fool For The Night
Freedom Fighter
Gates Of Babylon
Hall Of The Mountain King
I Surrender
Ill Never Cry
Jealous Love
Jealous Lover
Kill The King
LA Connection
La Connection Intro
Lady Of The Lake
Long Live Rock N Roll
Long Live Rockn Roll
Long Live Rocknroll
Lost In Hollywood
Lost In Hollywood Intro
Loves No Friend
Loves No Friend Intro
Makin Love
Man On The Silver Mountain
Maybe Next Time
No Release
Rainbow Eyes
Self Portrait
Since You Been Gone
Since You Ve Been Gone
Since Youve Been Gone
Since Youve Been Gone Intro
Tarot Woman
Temple Of The King Solo
Wolf To The Moon
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