Songs by Guided By Voices

A Good Flying Bird
A Salty Salute
A Salty Salute Intro
Alien Lanes
As We Go Up We Go Down
Awful Bliss
Blimps Go 90
Bright Paper Werewolves
Bulldog Skin
Cheerleader Coldfront
Circus World
Cut Out Witch
Drinkers Peace
Echoes Myron
Everywhere With Helicopter
Exit Flagger
Game Of Pricks
Girls Of Wild Strawberries
Glad Girls
Hold On Hope
I Am A Scientist
I Am A Tree
If We Wait
Jar Of Cardinals
Kicker Of Elves
Liars Tale
Look At Them
Motor Away
My Valuable Hunting Knife
Now To War
Official Iron Man Rally Song
Over The Neptune
Quality Of Armor
Red Gas Circle
Redmen And Their Wives
Rhine Jive Click
Smothered In Hugs
Striped White Jets
Teenage Fbi
The Goldheart Mountaintop
Tractor Rape Chain
Under The Bushes
Underwater Explosions
Uphill Crick
Wandering Boy Poet
Weed King
When She Turns 50
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