Songs by Gordon Lightfoot

Affair On Eighty Avenue
Alberta Bound
Approaching Lavender
Baby Step Back
Ballad Of The Yarmouth Castle
Bitter Green
Canadian Railroad Trilogy
Carefree Highway
Christian Island Georgian Bay
Christian Island Gerogian Bay
Circle Is Small
Circle Of Steel
Cotton Jenny
Daylight Katy
Did She Mention My Name
Does Your Mother Know
Don Quixote
Early Morning Rain
Edmund Fitzgerald
Farewell To Nova Scotia
For Lovin Me
For Loving Me
Go My Way
Home From The Forest
I Heard You Talkin In Your Sleep
Id Rather Press On
If I Could Read Your Mind
If You Could
If You Could Read My Mind
Ill Be Alright
Im Not Supposed To Care
Its Worth Believin
Minstrel Of The Dawn
Pussywillows Cattails
Race Among The Ruins
Rainy Day People
Ribbon Of Darkness
Rich Man Spiritual
Second Cup Of Coffee
Sit Down Young Stranger
Song For A Winters Night
Spin Spin Spin
Steel Rail Blues
Summer Side Of Life
Sweet Guinevere
Ten Degrees And Getting
The Pony Man
The Way I Feel
The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
Too Late For Prayin
Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald
Your Loves Return
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