Songs by Gg Allin

Abuse Me I Want To Die
Anal Cunt
Anti Social Masterbator
Bastard Son Of A Loaded Gun
Bite It You Scum
Bloody Marys Bloody Cunt
Commit Suicide
Cunt Sucking Cannibal
Darkness And A Bottle To Hold
Die When You Die
Dont Talk To Me
Dope Money
Drink Fight And Fuck
Expose Yourself To Kids
Fuck Authority
Fuck Of We Murder
Fuck The Dead
Fuck Women Ive Never Had
God Of Fire In Hell
Guns Bitches Brawls And Bottles
Hotel Clermont
I Am A Gypsy Motherfucker
I Kill Everything I Fuck
I Live To Be Hated
I Love Nothing
I Wanna Eat You Out
I Wanna Fuck Myself
I Wanna Fuck Your Brains Out
I Wanna Rape You
Ill Slice Yer Fucking Throat
Im A Fuckup
In This Room
Kill The Police
Kill Thy Father Rape Thy Mother
Last In Line For The Gang Bang
Legalize Murder
Live Fast Die Fast
Livin Like An Animal
Look Into My Eyes And Hate Me
Master Daddy
Murder For The Mission
Needle Up My Cock
No Rules
Out For Blood
Outlaw Scumfuc
Outskirts Of Life
Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
Rowdy Beer Drinking Night
Sitting In This Room
Slaughterhouse Death Camp
Sleeping In My Piss
Sluts In The City
Son Of Evil
Terror In America
Tough Fucking Shit
Watch Me Kill
When I Die
You Hate Me And I Hate You
Youll Never Tame Me
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