Songs by Fightstar

A Short History Of The World
Amaze Us
Amaze Us Intro
Breaking The Law
Build An Army
Call To Arms
Carry Her
Chemical Blood
Colours Bleed
Covered And Coarse
Cross Out The Stars
Dark Star
Days I Recall Being Wonderful
Days I Recall Being Wonderul Acoustic
Empty Guns
Fight For Us
Floatation Therapy
Follow Me Into The Darkness
Ghosts On 31
Grand Unification Album
Grand Unification Part 1
Grand Unification Part 2
Hazy Eyes
Hazy Eyes Acoustic
Here Again
Hip Enough Intro
I Am The Message
I Am The Message Intro
Leper Messiah
Lost Like Tears In Rain
Mercury Summer
Mercury Summer Acoustic
Minerva Acoustic
Never Change
One Day Son
Open Your Eyes
Our Last Common Ancestor
Out Swiming In The Flood
Out Swimming In The Flood
Paint You Target
Paint Your Target
Palahniuks Laughter
Sex On Fire
Sleep Well Tonight
Take You Home
Tannhauser Gate
The English Way
They Liked You Better When You Were Dead Album
Wake Up
War Machine
We Apologise For Nothing
Wheres The Money Lebowski
You And I
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