Songs by Eels

200 Tattoo
3 Speed
A Daisy Through Concrete
After The Operation
All In A Days Work
Ant Farm
Bad News
Beatiful People
Beautiful Freak
Blinking Lights For Me
Blinking Lights Theme
Bus Stop Boxer
Cant Help Falling In Love
Christmas Is Going To The Dogs
Climbing To The Moon
Daisies Of The Galaxy
Dead Of Winter
Dirty Girl
Dog Faced Boy
Electroshock Blues
Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor
Fashion Awards
For You
Fresh Blood
Fresh Feeling
Friendly Ghost
From Which I Came A Magic World
Girl From The North Country
Going Fetal
Going To Your Funeral
Going To Your Funeral Part 1
Gone Man
Grace Kelly Blues
Guest List
Hello Cruel World
Hey Man
I Like Birds
I Like The Way This Is Going
I Need Some Sleep
I Write The B-side
If I Was Your Girlfriend
If You See Natalie
Im Going To Stop Pretending That I Didnt Break Your Heart
In The Yard Behind The Church
Its A Motherfucker
Its A Motherfucker Piano
Jeannies Diary
Last Days Of My Bitter Heart
Last Stop This Town
Last Time We Spoke
Living Life
Lone Wolf
Losing Streak
Love Of The Loveless
Lucky Day In Hell
Man Up
Medication Is Wearing Off
Mighty Fine Blues
Monster And Me
Mother Mary
Mr Es Beautiful Blues
Mr Es Beautiful Blues Intro
My Beloved Monster
My Descent Into Madness
Novacaine For The Soul
Numbered Days
Oh So Lovely
On My Feet
Packing Blankets
Rags To Rags
Railroad Man
Restraining Order Blues
Spectacular Girl
Swimming Lesson
That Look You Gave That Guy
That Look You Give That Guy
Thats Not Her Way Tomorrow Morning
The Only Thing I Care About
The Sound Of Fear
Things The Grandchildren Should Know
This Is Where It Gets Good
Tiger In My Tank
Tremendous Dynamite
Trouble With Dreams
Trouble With Dreams Acoustic
Ugly Love
Vice President Fruitley
What I Have To Offer
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