Songs by Eagles Of Death Metal

Already Died
Anthing Cept The Truth
Bad Dream Mama
Bag O Miracles
Ballad Of Queen Bee And Baby Duck
Chase The Devil
Cheap Thrills
Cherry Cola
Dont Move I Came To Make A Bang From Need For Speed Carbon
Dont Speak
English Girl
Flames Go Higher
Heart On
I Gotta Feelin Just Nineteen
I Like To Move In The Night
I Only Want You
I Want You So Hard Boys Bad News
Kiss The Devil
Midnight Creeper
Miss Alissa
Now Im A Fool
San Berdoo Sunburn
So Easy
Speaking In Tongues
Speaking In Tongues Live
Stacks O Money
Stuck In The Metal With You
Wanna Be In La
Wannabe In La
Whorehoppin Shit Goddamn
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